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Stock Market Graf
Investment & Start-up Projects

We ensure complete investment consultancy within the frame of transactions, mergers, acquisitions, and financing.


We realize costs decreasing and we support your current position at the market with new acquisitions. We will support your new brave start-up projects.

Business & Outsourcing

We provide complex investment advisory in M&A and transactions. We can cut your costs and strengthen your market position. We will increase your product portfolio value. We will develop your business plan and ensure your successful market entry and sales of your product in global chain stores. We will decrease your initial costs by mediation of purchasing of raw materials.

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Accounting & Financial Advisory

Thanks to many years of experience, professional approach and expertise we offer accounting, financial consulting or complete financial services in a quality, fast and tailored way to each client

Law Consulting

We offer solutions to commercial contracts, representation in court proceedings, debt collection, incl. representation in execution and insolvency proceedings. Establishment of new companies and associated administration. We have extensive experience in real estate law. We provide attorney custody of funds and documents.


The company was founded in 2011 by Marek Gomola, together with two partners. The intention was to provide services in the field of trade and property management.

In 2016, the company changed its legal form to a joint stock company and there was also a change in the ownership structure when Marek Gomola became the majority owner. Since then, our business partners have expanded their activities to include legal, investment, accounting and financial services and we have grown to 11 entities from the food production, marketing, distribution, special protective disinfection and extermination, and sports center construction.

BNG gradually enters carefully selected companies and thus expands BNG Group a.s. It helps its clients find new business opportunities with the possibility of expansion, thus establishing strategic links and synergy between business partners. At BNG, it honors an open ownership structure. The same applies to companies in which BNG participates.







Charity projects




Investment shares

We provide our business partners with full service from buying raw materials to entering the market in given country. We arrange product placement and product sales via multinational chain stores on the modern market or chain stores and warehouses on the independent market of Europe, China, Vietnam, UAE etc. 

We represent our manufacturers and suppliers across different fields and we provide both complex but also partial support of their items on the market. 


We concentrate on the cooperation with one prime supplier of a particular group – therefore we do not make any competition within our customers. Up to now our portfolio consists of around 115 contracted partners . They range from  food to non-food, and not only from Czech Republic, Slovakia but also from Germany, Poland and other European countries. 

As a part of the business consulting and acquisitions, our company creates revenue of 4 thousand million crowns annually for the companies. 



VegUp s.r.o.

In 2018 we became a shareholder in a start-up project in company called VegUp s.r.o. It specializes on germinating, drying and plant seed production. It is primarily drying wheat, rape, peas, mungo beans, corn and alfalfa. VegUp is able to adjust to individual needs and requirements of germinating any kind of seeds in the future. 

The vision of this company is to set a new course in food choice, which will contain these germinated seeds as an extra. It will likely attract new customers that watch their lifestyle. 

BNG DDD s.r.o.

We became a majority owner of Agentura-Terno s.r.o. in 2017. This company has had long tradition dating back to 1994 when it was set up. It provides customers with professional service in deratisation, disinfection and disinsection. 

MEDIPOINT_BNG_ilustracni_2 kopie.png

This brand brings first functional systém for exclusive and direct sales of chosen and restricted medicine, health supplies and supplements outside pharmacy segment.  It reacts to customer needs for extending sales of chosen, over- the -counter medicine outside traditional place. Therefore customers do not have to search for pharmacy or some hospital around them or even when on the way in unknown area. 

BNG has become main partner of this project. As we have a wide network of partners and contacts, we enabled smooth entry onto market and connection of direct manufacturer and purchaser.



We have grown to 11 subjects from the food production, marketing, distribution, special protective disinfection and extermination and sports center construction.


JAPAVO spol. s r.o.

Czech pasta producer


mail: sekretariat@japavo.cz

phone: 604 279 382


BNG DDD s.r.o.

professional services in rodent control, disinfection and disinfection


mail: info@bngddd.cz

phone: 733 643 554


FRUTA Bohemia a.s.

Fruit juices, mustards, ketchups and sirups producer


mail: info@frutabohemia.cz

phone: 581 706 086


DILOGY corp. s.r.o.

distribution and logistics company


mail: info@dilogy.cz

phone: 731 654 817

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marketing and PR projects


mail: info@propromo.cz

phone: 608 374 438

projekt na výstavbu hokejové haly v Uher

Ice Aréna Slovácko

Project for the construction of a hockey hall in Uherské Hradiště.


BNG Group a.s. shares



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Golf tournament

BNG also expanded its list of supported projects and for the year 2015 we have become the official partner of the golf tournament D + D Real Czech Masters. This tournament, organized by the company of Relmost, is a tournament of the European Tour series and probably the most prestigious golf tournament in the Czech Republic. Its prize money is about one million €.

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ALSA z.s.

We support ALSA that is a charity organisation  for patients suffering from amyotrofic lateral sclerosis and for professionals concerned with this disease. The number one aim is to help patients fight this incurable, terminal disease. The help is not based on financial support only  but mostly on long-term engagement in marketing, campaigns and fundraising. 


Invoice details

BNG Group a.s.
Politických vězňů 912/10
110 00 Praha 1

Registration Number: 24846643
VAT number: CZ24846643

Municipal court in Prague, file number: C 179888

BNG Group a.s.

Politických vězňů 912/10
110 00 Praha 1


email: info@bng.cz

phone: +420 731 654 817